About Us

About Prime Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics

When our family dentist realized there was no children’s dentist in Bonita Springs, he set out to create an office where kids could have fun, families would feel welcomed, and services could be tailored to younger patients. After a lot of hard work to realize this dream, in 2013, Prime Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics was born.

Our Environment

The first thing you’ll notice about our bilingual children’s dentist office is that it doesn’t look like a dental office at all. Our facility is designed with your child in mind, featuring amenities like:

PSP Video Games
A treehouse to climb through
Wide, open treatment bays for your little ones
Ceiling-mounted television screens
Prize machines, to redeem tokens earned for good oral hygiene habits and a job well done
Dental Crowns and Pulpotomies

The Services We Provide

With families of our own, we understand that children need an atmosphere and an understanding kind of care that isn’t always available in a general practice setting. Our children’s dentist office provides comprehensive treatments like fillings, pulpotomies and crowns, preventing the need to be referred off-site.
Plus, with a variety of sedation options available, your child can relax or “nap” right through his or her procedure, sparing him or her (and you!) unnecessary anxiety. It’s perfect for little ones who have had a bad experience in the past, or who need a lot of work done.

Outside of the Office

We stay busy both in and outside of our office. We work with community groups and programs throughout the year like Toys for Tots, the Family Fun Expo, Santa’s Enchanted Village, the YMCA, and the Growing Room nursery school. When you see us around, be sure to stop and say hi!
Now, it’s easier than ever to help your child care for their smile. Call today to ask about our new patient special or about scheduling a free consultation! Se habla español.

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