Dental Crowns and Pulpotomies

Dental Crowns and Pulpotomies

The last thing you want for your child’s beautiful smile is a shiny silver dental crown. At Prime Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics, we offer healthy restorations that also complement the natural color of your child’s teeth, even after it’s no longer alive.

Pulp Treatments

A pulpotomy is a “baby root canal” that is used to treat severely infected or abscessed teeth. An infected nerve can cause severe pain, damage to the developing adult tooth underneath, and in some circumstances, it can even result in hospitalization.

Pulling the tooth might seem like a short-term solution, but that option can actually jeopardize the eruption patterns of your child’s other teeth. Instead, we salvage the tooth by removing the infected nerve and placing medication inside of it so that it does not continue to decay.

Dental Crowns and Pulpotomies

Resin and Ceramic Dental Crowns

After a pulpotomy, the baby tooth needs to have a crown placed over the brittle shell of enamel that is left. Crowns are also used when a cavity is too large for a filling. Our team will show you the tooth on a high-resolution intraoral camera, so that you see exactly the same thing that we do.

Unfortunately, most children’s dentists use stainless steel crowns to repair baby teeth. This can jeopardize the beautiful appearance of your child’s youthful smile. Instead, our children’s dentist office uses naturally colored resin and ceramic crowns!

What to Expect

Once you find out that your child needs a pulp and crown, our treatment coordinator will walk you through the specific treatment procedures and explain the process with you. We will also review any service fees, insurance benefits, and payment options.

If you’re afraid that your child may be too anxious or sensitive to sit through their treatment, be sure to ask about our sedation options! From laughing gas to in-house sleep dentistry, we make the process safe and convenient for your entire family.

The health of your child’s smile now, will impact the health of their smile as an adult. Don’t put care off before it’s too late. Get a free second opinion at our Bonita Springs office by calling us today! Se habla español.

The most important services that we provide for our pediatric patients are those that help them prevent tooth decay and encourage proper tooth development.

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