We provide comprehensive orthodontic services for children of all ages. Beginning around age 7, we start to screen for signs of malocclusion (misaligned bites) that could result in the need for extensive treatments later on. Addressing those conditions early can help your child enjoy a straighter, healthier smile as they grow up.

Enjoy orthodontic options like:


Space Maintainers

Did your son or daughter lose a tooth prematurely? Did we have to pull one because of disease? A space maintainer saves room for the adult tooth to come in straight, without the other teeth shifting out of alignment.

Invisalign Teen

Our Invisalign Elite Provider has completed thousands of clear braces treatments. With Invisalign Teen, your son or daughter can enjoy “invisible” orthodontics that are removable for easy home care and all of their favorite meals.

Tongue Cribs

Is your little one thrusting their tongue forward, causing the front teeth to jet out? These temporary appliances can train them to swallow properly.

Traditional Orthodontics

Conventional braces can help teens and younger children quickly correct tooth misalignment and promote a smile that’s easier to keep clean and healthy as they grow up.

Interceptive Treatments

From time to time, we may recommend therapies to modify your child’s bite development. This leads to a healthier bite relationship without the need for extensive surgeries years down the road.

Many orthodontic problems can be detected early and corrected as your child grows. Why drive all over Bonita Springs looking for an orthodontist when we have one right here in our children’s dental office? Now it’s easier than ever to get that free consultation or 2nd opinion about your child’s smile.


Are your child’s permanent molars or front teeth coming in?

Then it’s time to schedule their first orthodontic evaluation. Call us today! Financing plans are available.

At our children’s dentist office in Bonita Springs, we only offer white composite fillings to restore your child’s teeth. Our office is conveniently located in Bonita Springs with easy access from Naples and Estero.

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