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Prime Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics is happy to provide free consultations to discuss your treatment options. Contact our office to schedule a consultation.


Having another dentist look at your child’s teeth can give you better idea of what treatment plan can best fit their needs. Prime Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics offers second opinions free of charge.


Why do we provide free athletic mouthguards? Mouthguards play a vital role in the prevention of injuries to the mouth and teeth. Studies have shown that up to 95% of the general public use the type of “boil and bite” mouthguards sold at pharmacies or sporting goods stores. The International Symposium of Dental Materials has stated that this type of mouthguard provides a false sense of protection due to inconsistencies in thickness. In fact, some reports indicate more damage can be done to the teeth when wearing this type of guard compared to no guard at all due to the inaccurate fit.
Children should wear a mouthguard if playing any sport where a potential injury to the mouth could occur. Activities include: baseball, hockey, soccer, boxing, football, martial arts, basketball, volleyball, racquetball, wrestling, skateboarding, lacrosse and rugby. Our goal is to educate and help our local community through our outreach programs. By partnering with local groups and kid’s organizations we can get the word out about sports related injuries, provide a needed service and help our local community. Click here to view a PDF of our Free Mouthguard Brochure.

Some interesting facts:

  • 39% of all dental injuries are sports related.
  • The American Dental Association estimates that mouthguards prevent approximately 200,000 injuries in high school and college football alone.
  • The average sports related dental injury is $5,000 – $10,000.

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