Tooth Extractions

From time to time, it may be necessary to wiggle out teeth due to conditions such as severe decay, infection, or abscesses, orthodontic complications, or an emergency.  If a tooth cannot be restored, we frequently recommend having it wiggled out to prevent spread of infection to other areas. When this is necessary, our children’s dentist will thoroughly numb the area around the tooth to prevent any discomfort throughout the procedure.

After Your Child’s Tooth is Pulled

Premature removal of a baby tooth can jeopardize the eruption patterns of other teeth. That’s why our dentists will recommend using a space maintainer to preserve proper spacing while we wait on your child’s adult teeth to erupt. This temporary device prevents other teeth from collapsing into the space and blocking the new tooth from coming in properly.

We’ll also give you a few simple instructions to follow to help your child remain comfortable as they recover. For example, we will ask you to have them avoid using straws or drinking carbonated beverages for several days, so that the socket can heal properly.

tooth extractions

Sedation Options Available

Our certified sedation dentist provides convenient nitrous oxide and oral sedation options to help your little one relax throughout their entire procedure. We also work with a licensed anesthesiologist who comes directly to our office for certain types of sedation procedures. Your child’s safety and comfort is always our top priority.

Thankfully, most pediatric dental extractions are very quick to complete. These teeth have very short roots, and just a bit of numbing medication is needed. During the visit, your child can sit back and watch a movie on our ceiling-mounted television!

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At Prime Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, we offer dental crowns that also complement the natural color of your child’s teeth, even after it’s no longer alive.

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